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Brown Act provisions and Covid-19

In response to the County and State "shelter in place" orders, the Governor issued an order expanding his prior waiver of normal Brown Act requirements.  Executive Order N-29-20, issued March 17, 2020, authorizes all-electronic meetings without a physical location for agency officials or members of the public.  The published agenda must advise the public of the means by which it may participate in the meeting and of a procedure by which disabled persons may submit requests for accommodation or modification.  The order does not suspend notice requirements.

Executive Order N-29-20 is effective while state and/or local public health officials have imposed or recommended social distancing measure.  The District must prioritize public health and containing the spread of the Covid-19 virus, which precludes holding physical public meetings.  The District will comply with the usually Brown Act requirements to the extent compatible with the directives and recommendations of state and local health officials.  We appreciate your understanding.

Executive Order N-29-20