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Police Officer - Lateral or Academy Graduate


The ideal candidate for Police Officer will be an individual with a high commitment to customer service, a proven record of integrity, and the ability to work comfortably in a small town atmosphere enjoyed by the residents of Kensington.


Must possess a valid California Class C Driver’s license, completion of the Basic Police Academy, and have a satisfactory driving record; POST certification to include demonstrated firearms proficiency and qualification; complete a comprehensive background investigation including a polygraph, psychological, and medical examination.


Applicants must be able to apply the knowledge and skills required of a sworn police officer, and display the ability to perform the following: patrol the Town individually or as part of a team; provide information, directions and assistance to the public in a variety of situations; take reports and assist the public with complaints; observe, monitor and control routine and unusual traffic situations; stop motorists for various vehicle code violations, and issue traffic citations or give verbal warnings; make arrests for criminal offenses; serve warrants and subpoenas; transport individuals for medical clearance and booking at the County facility; be available to work a wide range of schedules that may include weekends, holidays, and night shifts.


The current monthly salary for this position ranges from $86,630.40 - $117,246.62 annually (effective 7-1-21), depending on qualifications. Benefits include: California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS), medical, dental and vision insurance; Educational Assistance Plan (EAP); sick leave incentive and conversion plan, deferred compensation.


All applicants are required to submit a letter of interest and a current resume' delineating their education, training and experience. There is NO closing date as the application period will remain open until the position(s) are filled. The hiring process will include, but is not limited to: evaluation of the letter of interest and personal resume’, oral interview panel, and Chief of Police interview. Successful applicants must meet or exceed the aforementioned minimum qualifications. 

Please s​ubmit all pa​perwork/application to the following:

KPD Job Application 2022 Update.pdf

Kensington Police Department:                   

  Jason Haynes                                                                                                                                              217 Arlington Avenue                                                                                                                                      Kensington, CA. 94707


For further information regarding the Application/Position, email or contact us at 510-277-5576