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Weekly Police Activity Blotter

Weekly Police Blotter 

Commencing with the first full week of December 2019, weekly logs of officer activity can be found here.  The weekly logs contain both calls for service (CFS) and officer-initiated activity (OIA) such as traffic stops and extra patrol.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need help deciphering our technical police jargon. 

April 2021

04-25-21 to 05-01-21.pdf04-18-21 to 04-24-21.pdf04-11-21 to 04-17-21.pdf04-04-21 to 04-10-21.pdf

March 2021

03-28-21 to 04-03-21.pdf03-21-21 to 03-27-21.pdf03-14-21 to 03-20-21.pdf03-07-21 to 03-13-21.pdf


February 2021

02-28-21 to 03-06-21.pdf02-21-21 to 02-27-21.pdf02-14-21 to 02-20-21.pdf02-07-21 to 02-13-21.pdf


January 2021

01-31-21 to 02-06-21.pdf01-24-21 to 01-30-21.pdf01-17-21 to 01-23-21.pdf01-11-21 to 01-16-21.pdf01-03-21 to 01-10-21.pdf


December 2020

12-27-20 to 01-02-21.pdf12-20-20 to 12-26-20.pdf12-13-20 to 12-19-20.pdf12-06-20 to 12-12-20.pdf11-29-20 to 12-06-20.pdf


November 2020

11-22-20 to 11-28-20.pdf11-09-20 to 11-14-20.pdf11-01-20 to 11-8-20.pdf


October 2020

10-25-20 to 10-30-20.pdf10-18-20 to 10-24-20.pdf10-11-20 to 10-17-20.pdf10-03-20 to 10-10-20.pdf


September 2020

09-27-20 to 10-03-20.pdf09-20-20 to 09-26-20.pdf09-13-20 to 09-19-20.pdf09-06-20 to 09-12-20.pdf


August 2020

08-30-20 to 09-05-20.pdf08-23-20 to 08-29-20.pdf08-16-20 to 08-22-20.pdf08-09-20 to 08-15-20.pdf08-02-20 to 08-08-20.pdf


July 2020

07-26-20 to 08-01-20.pdf07-19-20 to 07-25-20.pdf07-12-20 to 07-18-20.pdf07-05-20 to 07-11-20.pdf


June 2020

05-31-20 to 06-06-20.pdf06-07-20 to 06-13-20.pdf06-14-20 to 06-20-20.pdf06-21-20 to 06-27-20.pdf06-28-20 to 07-04-20.pdf


May 2020:

CFS OIA 5-4 through 5-10-2020.pdf05-17-20 to 05-23-20.pdf05-10-20 to 05-16-20.pdf05-24-20 to 05-30-20.pdf



April 2020:

CFS OIA 3-30 through 4-5-2020.pdfCFS OIA 4-6 through 4-12-2020.pdfCFS OIA 4-13 through 4-19-2020.pdfCFS OIA 4-20 through 4-26-2020.pdfCFS OIA 4-27 through 5-3-2020.pdf


March 2020:

CFS OIA 3-2 through 3-9-2020.pdfCFS OIA 3-9 through 3-15-2020.pdfCFS OIA 3-16 through 3-22-2020.pdfCFS OIA 3-23 through 3-29-2020.pdf


February 2020:

CFS OIA 2-3 through 2-9-2020.pdfCFS OIA 2-10 through 2-16-2020.pdfCFS OIA 2-17 through 2-23-2020.pdfCFS OIA 2-24 through 3-1-2020.pdf


January 2020:

CFS OIA 12-30 through 1-5-20.pdfcfs oia 1-6 through 1-12-2020.pdfCFS OIA 1-13 through 1-19-2020.pdfCFS OIA 1-20 through 1-26-2020.pdfCFS OIA 1-27 through 2-2-2020.pdf