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2015 Meeting Archive

Board Agendas

2015-12-14 KPPCSD Agenda Packet.pdf2015-12-10 KPPCSD Agenda Packet.pdf2015-11-12 KPPCSD Agenda .pdf2015-10-08 KPPCSDAgenda.pdf2015-09-10 KPPCSD Agenda.pdf2015-08-13 KPPCSD Agenda.pdf2015-08-11 Revised Special Meeting Agenda.pdf2015-07-09 KPPCSD Agenda.pdf2015-07-09 Agenda Packet Correspondence.pdf2015-06-29 KPPCSD Special Agenda.pdf060115 JUNE FINAL.pdf2015-06-16 Agenda.pdf052615 SPECIAL MEETING AGENDA.pdfMay 14, 2015 Revised May 13 2015 A G E N D A.pdf2015-05-14 Revised Agenda Packet.pdf2015-3-24 KPPCSD Special Meeting Agenda.pdf2015-03-12 KPPCSD Agenda R.pdfFebruary 28, 2015 Saturday Closed-Open Session A G E N D A - Amended.pdf2-16-15 KPPCSD Special Meeting (Closed Session).pdfFebruary-16-2015-Monday-930-PM-Closed-Session-AGENDA.pdf2015-02-12_KPPCSD_Agenda.pdf2015-01-25 KPPCSD Special Closed Session.pdf2015-01-08 KPPCSD Agenda.pdf

Finance Committee Agendas

2015-12-17 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda Packet.pdf2015-10-21 Finance Committee Agenda.pdf2015-08-19_Finance_Comm_Special_Agenda.pdf2015-07-30 KPPCSD Finance Committee Agenda.pdf2015-06-23 KPPCSD Finance Committee Agenda.pdf2015-01-29_FINANCE_Agenda.pdf2015-01-26_Finance_Agenda_rev1.pdf

Park Committee Agendas

2015-12-16 Park Buildings Committee Agenda.pdf2015-11-24 Parks and Rec Committee Agenda.pdf2015-11-17_Parks_Agenda.pdf2015-11-09 Park Buildings Agenda.pdf2015-10-07 Park Buildings Committee Agenda.pdf2015-08-20 Park Buildings Committee Agenda.pdf2015-07-16 Park Buildings Agenda.pdf2015-06-15 Park Buildings Committee Agenda.pdf2015-6-8 Parks Building Committee Agenda.pdf2015-05-06 Park Buildings Committee Agenda.pdf

Ad Hoc Committee Agendas

2015-10-01 Ad Hoc Committee Agenda.pdf


2015-12-14-Approved-Minutes.pdf2015-12-14 Approved Minutes.pdf2015-12-10-Approved-Minutes.pdf2015-11-12 Amended Minutes.pdf2015-08-13 Approved Minutes.pdf2015-08-11 Approved Minutes.pdf2015-04-09 Approved Minutes.pdf2015-03-12 Approved Minutes.pdf2015-02-12 Approved Minutes.pdf

KPPCD Board Recordings

To view videos (or hear audio) of meetings go to the individual meeting in the 2015 Meetings section

2015 KPPCSD Board Meetings

Other Recordings

August 3, 2015 Swearing-In Ceremony of Chief Kevin Hart
July 30, 2015 KPPCSD Finance Committee Meeting Video
June 23, 2015 KPPCSD Finance Committee Meeting Video
May 11, 2015 Meet the Interim COP/GM Candidates
January 29, 2015 Finance Committee Video