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Community Center

Located in the Berkeley Hills at 59 Arlington Avenue in Kensington, the Kensington Community Center is available for rental Fridays after 6:00 PM, Saturdays, and Sundays. There is a mandatory four-hour minimum rental time. Set-up and breakdown time must be included in your rental time. Our scheduling policy is based on first come/first served. Wine, beer, and champagne may be sold or served at a fundraising event by permit only. Bouncy houses are permitted at the premises and facilities, with rental requests for private events only. They are not allowed as a first come/first serve at the Kensington Parks Grounds. ​​

May contain: porch, patio, and plant

Rental Office 

District Office at Public Safety Building
217 Arlington Avenue
Kensington Ca 94707
(510) 526-4141

Rental Facility

Kensington Community Center
59 Arlington Avenue
Kensington Ca 94707

User shall be required to secure and maintain a $1,000,000.00 each General Liability & Comprehensive Personal Liability of insurance during the term of the Contract. General and Comprehensive Liability policies must name Kensington Police Protection & Community Services District as additional insured. 

  • The Certificate Holder's Name: Kensington Community Center, 59 Arlington Ave, Kensington, Ca. 94707
  • Name of Additional Insured Person(s) or Organization(s): Kensington Police Department, 217 Arlington Ave, Kensington, Ca. 94707


Entire Facility Rental Includes a 4-hour minimum; Large social hall, with a max capacity of 264. Adjoining side rooms 1 & 3, and Front grassy lawn. 

  • Residents: $255 /per hour
  • Non-Residents: $295 /per hour 


Parking is available near the center and along the Kensington Park Grounds and street parking. 


Facility Capacity & Individual Pricing 

  • Social Hall: 123 dining: Resident $130  - Non-Resident $150 (4-hour mum)
  • Side Room 1: 23 dining: Resident $35   - Non Resident $45 (2-hour minimum)
  • Side Room 3: 20 dinning: Resident $45 - Non Resident $55 (2-hour minimum)
  • Barbecue: $25 per hour (4-hour minimum)
  • kitchen: $60 Flate Rate
  • Amphitheater: $25 per hour
  • Front Grassy Lawn (in front of cc): $25 per hour

Picnic Rental Reservation Information 

   Each reservation is for a full day from sun-up to sun-down (8 AM - 7 PM), and each site will be reserved once daily. All sites required a refundable cleaning deposit of $30 which will be returned after 10 days of the event. If any damages or trash is left behind, the deposit amount will be lost. Additional amenities such as playgrounds, basketball courts, and more are available in various areas but are not included in picnic reservations. They remain open to the public during park open hours. The restrooms are located near the Windsor Ave entrance to the park. Please stop by the District Office at Public Safety Building for more information about the rental process.

Picnic Areas:                                                                                                        

Site 1: South Side of Basketball Court - Max capacity of 20 guests, with 2 concrete tables & a BBQ.                Resident rate : $70               Non-resident rate: $90

Site 2 & 3: North Side of Tennis Court - Max capacity of 20 guests, with 2 concrete tables.                Resident rate: $70               Non-resident rate: $90                                     

Site 4 & 5: Next to Playground - Max capacity of 20 guests, with 2 red tables and & a BBQ,                              Resident rate: $70               Non-resident rate: $90

Youth and Teen Events

  • Sponsors must provide one adult over 21 years of age for every ten people attending the function.
  • Bouncy houses are permitted if a Release of Liability is provided.


CASH OR CHECK ONLY.                                                                                                                                Refundable Cleaning Deposit (without alcohol):                                                                                          $250.00     

                                                                                                                                                                          Refundable Cleaning Deposit (with alcohol):                                                                                                  $500.00

An alcohol permit is needed only if selling alcohol or if a program is a fundraising event.