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Community Center

Located at 59 Arlington Avenue in Kensington, the Kensington Community Center is available for rental on Fridays after 6:00 p.m., Saturdays, and Sundays. Priority of use will be given to Kensington-based youth groups and then to Kensington-sponsored organizations. Private users will be considered if there is available time and space. There is a mandatory four-hour minimum rental time. Set-up and breakdown time must be included in your rental time. Our scheduling policy is based on a first come/first served basis. Wine, beer, and champagne may be sold or served at a fundraising event by permit only. 

Bounce houses require special permission and proof of insurance and are restricted to the small round lawn adjacent to the Community Center. Please contact us for the process of renting the lawn and bounce house. Bounce houses are prohibited in all other areas of Kensington Park. ​​

If you wish to proceed with reserving any area of the community center, picnic site, and tennis and pickleball court, please visit the following link: Kensington Police Protection & CSD, You will need to create an account to access the reservation system. Once the reservation is submitted and approved by district staff, a follow-up email is sent to finalize the reservation and payoff amount due. Please understand that a 3% processing fee is applied to your total when paying off with a credit card, but to avoid the fee, drop off the check at the rental office location.  Feel free to call the office if you need assistance in this matter. 

May contain: porch, patio, and plant

Rental Office 

District Office at Public Safety Building
10940 San Pablo Ave.,
El Cerrito, CA 94530
(510) 526-4141 x 4 or 5

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday, 9 AM to 2 PM

Rental Facility

Kensington Community Center
59 Arlington Avenue,
Kensington, CA. 94707


User shall be required to secure and provide a $1,000,000.00 general liability and comprehensive personal liability of insurance during the contract term.  The certificate should state that the policy covers the District as an additional insured. The certificate must state the event date and be delivered to the District via email or regular mail 30 days before the event.  Insurance can be obtained through the User's homeowner, renters insurance, or at Private Event Insurance or Event Helper (see Policy for using the Kensington Community Center).



Entire Community Center (4-Hour Minimum) – 264-person capacity

  • Includes Room 1, 2, 3 and front grassy lawn
  • Resident $255 per hour
  • Non-Resident $325 per hour

Main Hall Only (4-Hour Minimum) – 264-person capacity

  • Resident $130 per hour
  • Non-Resident $200 per hour

Meeting Room 1 - (2-Hour Minimum) – 23-person capacity

  • Resident $35 per hour
  • Non-Resident $55 per hour

Meeting Room 2 - (2-Hour Minimum) - 20-person capacity

  • Resident $20 per hour
  • Non-Resident $25 per hour

Meeting Room 3 - (2-Hour Minimum) – 20-person capacity

  • Resident $45 per hour
  • Non-Resident $55 per hour

Grassy Lawn Area (in front of the Community Center)

  • All groups pay $75 per hour


  • All groups $80 flat rate


  •  All groups pay $45 per hour

Barbeque (next to Community Center)

  • All groups $45 per hour (4-hour maximum)

Rectangular Tables (6’x30”); Seats 6-8; 12 available

  • $4 each

60” Round Table (Seats 8); 32 available

  •  $6 each

Metal Folding Chairs: 150 available

  • $1 each

Parking is available near the center and along the Kensington Park Grounds, as well as street parking

 Youth and Teen Events

  • Sponsors must provide one adult over 21 for every ten attending the function.                                                                                                                              

Cleaning  Deposit- CHECK ONLY, & make to KPPCSD

  • Refundable Cleaning Deposit (without alcohol): $250.00                                                       
  •  Refundable Cleaning Deposit (with alcohol): $500.00                                                                                    

An alcohol permit is needed only if selling alcohol or if a program is a fundraising event.

Community Center Contract