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Facility Rental Request Reservation System 

An account must be created to reserve community center, picnic, and tennis court reservations. Once you have completed your account(Note: when entering your home address, the system will automatically select the fee to charge according to the home address you enter), choose the area you are interested in reserving under the facility. Then, the Calendar will appear, select the date in mind, and complete all areas requesting (alcohol/ no alcohol). All required forms must be signed and dated(take your time to read all forms since very informative info is listed regarding insurance coverage, accessing facility reserving, and what is expected before and after the event). Once you are ready to make the payment note, there is a 3% processing fee when paying with a card. If you wish not to add the cleaning deposit to the rental amount, you must send a check at least three weeks before the event date. If any questions, reach out to / 510-526-4141 x 4/5.

Recdesk Reservation System


Liability Insurance 

It is required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the Kensington Police Protection & Community Services District as additional insured in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000). The certificate should state that the policy covers the District as an ADDITIONAL INSURED. The certificate must state the date of the event. The insurance certificate must be delivered to the District via email or regular post 30 days before the event. Insurance can be obtained through the User’s homeowner or renters insurance or at or