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Waste Management

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The Kensington Police Protection and Community Service District provide both residential and commercial collection services for recyclables, trash, and green waste (no food) through a franchise agreement with Bay View Refuse and Recycling. 

KPPCSD - Bay View Refuse Agreement.pdf

For questions concerning Bay View Refuse and Recycling please contact Greg or Kim Christie, at (510) 237-4614 or email them at You can also find information on their website:

Residential trash and recyclables are picked up weekly, and green waste is picked up twice a month (the second and fourth full week.)  Bay View offers backyard service for trash and curbside pickup for recyclables and green waste.  In addition, Bay View will recycle natural Christmas trees during any green waste pickup (no flocking or non-organic materials such as tinsel) and will have an annual general cleanup in September in which residents can leave up to 1½ cubic yards of trash (about 11-12 large black plastic bags).

The only holidays that affect the pickup schedule are Christmas and New Year’s if these holidays fall during the week.  Pickups on those days and subsequent pickups that week will be one day late.  If the holidays fall on Tuesday, then the normal Tuesday pickup will be Wednesday, the normal Wednesday pickup will be Thursday, the normal Thursday pickup will be Friday, and the normal Friday pickup will be Saturday.

The solid waste and recycling program is overseen by our General Manager.

2020 rate increase details

Kensington CPI.pdf


2019 rate increase details

Kensington 2019 CPI Increases.pdf


2018 rate increase details:

Kensington cpi increase.pdf


Bay View Refuse and Recycling's Annual Auditor's Reports:

BVR 12-31-18 Auditor's Report.pdf


Comparison of rates in nearby communities:

Comparison of 2018 Garbage Rates.pdf


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