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Firearm Destruction Program

May contain: firearm, weapon, gun, and handgun

Firearm Destruction Program

If you find yourself in possession of unwanted firearms, you can surrender them to the Kensington Police Department by following the steps below.

  1. ​Call the Non-Emergency Number (510) 525-7573. Let the dispatchers know you have firearms to bring in for destruction.
  2. Identify the items to the dispatcher and request to speak to an officer.
  3. If you know how to safely unload the firearm(s), PLEASE DO SO.
  4.  If you do not know how to safely unload the firearm or do not have an appropriate container, please do not attempt to unload it or bring it in. Call (510) 525-7523 to have an officer retrieve it.
  5. If possible, place a flex tie or other obstruction to lock open the chamber on a revolver or the slide on a semi-automatic handgun.
  6. If you wish to transport the firearm to the Kensington Police Department building, it must be unloaded and locked in a secure container, pursuant to Penal Code 25610. No ammunition must be present. No Ammunition is accepted at our location. You will be provided with a list of safe locations for disposal.
  7. Transport the firearm(s) locked in the trunk of your vehicle and store the ammunition in either the glove box and/or the interior compartment area. Remember, it is illegal to transport ANY loaded firearms in a vehicle.
  8. Drive straight to Police Department after speaking with an officer.
  9. Park your vehicle in a Kensington Police visitor space, make sure your vehicle is locked, and go inside to ask for further instructions.
  10. Please do not bring any firearms into the Kensington Police Department building. Leave all firearms in their locked containers inside your vehicle until given further instructions by a Police Officer.
  11. You will receive a receipt for documentation and sign a waiver releasing any claim to the listed firearms.​

What​ Happens to Items I Bring in?

  1. Firearms will be checked to be sure they have not been reported stolen.
  2. Firearms are stored until we have accumulated a sufficient quantity to send out for destruction.
  3. Items submitted for disposal cannot be retrieved later.
  4. The Kensington Police Department will not sell firearms that are voluntarily and permanently surrendered.​

Other Fireworks, Military Ordinance & Explosives

If you should ever encounter any type of fireworks, military ordinance and/or explosives such as grenades, pipe bombs, sticks of dynamite, or containers of gun powder - do not touch! None of these types of munitions should be considered safe regardless of size or packaging. Contact the Police Department by calling (510-) 525-7573. Let the police assess the situation to see if this is a job for the bomb squad.

Prior to surrendering your firearms to the Kensington Police Department, please fill out the waiver, below. Use more than one waiver if you run out of space on the waiver.

Firearm Destruction Waiver.docx