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Rental Information

Located in the Berkeley Hills at 59 Arlington Avenue in Kensington, the
Kensington Community Center is available for rental by public and
private groups, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. There is a mandatory four hour minimum rental time.  Set-up and breakdown time must be included in your rental time. Wine, beer and champagne may be sold at an event by permit.

Rental Office / Public Safety Building

217 Arlington Avenue
Kensington Ca 94707
(510) 526-4141

Rental Facility

Kensington Community Center
59 Arlington Avenue
Kensington Ca 94707

User shall be required to secure and maintain a $500,000.00 each General Liability & Comprehensive Personal Liability of insurance during the term of the Contract. Both General and Comprehensive Liability policies must name Kensington Police Protection & Community Services District as additional insured.

The Rental Facility Includes:

  • Large social hall with fireplace
  • Adjoining side rooms
  • Full service kitchen
  • Outdoor garden & barbecue
  • Amphitheater

Parking is available in the lower parking lot and designated parking
spaces on Kensington Park grounds.

Youth and Teen Events

Sponsor must provide one adult over 21 years of age for every ten people attending the function.

Facility Capacity & Pricing

Social Hall: 123 dining
Side Room 1: 23 dining
Side Room 2: 15 dining
Hall, kitchen, garden, barbecue, amphitheater (Side Room 1 when

4 hour minimum
Residents: $75.00 / hour
Non-Residents: $100.00 / hour


Availability:  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only

Refundable Cleaning Deposit (without alcohol)

Residents: $250.00 / event
Non-Residents: $250.00 / event

Refundable Cleaning Deposit (with alcohol)

Residents: $500.00 / event
Non-Residents: $500.00 / event

Refundable Key Deposit

$125.00 Cash Only

Alcohol permit needed only if selling alcohol or if program is a fundraising event.