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Food Composting Survey

KPPCSD is conducting a survey in May on the timing of new service enhancements—including the addition of weekly food composting. Each household will receive a card with their May invoice to select whether to start composting in January 2018 with a 7% increase in service or delay food composting in the near future with a possible higher cost if Bay View is not able to use the closest composting facility. All responses received by May 31 will be counted.

You can mail the survey card back to Bay View with your payment, drop the card off at the Public Safety Building, or take the survey online at  using the unique number stamped on your card. Duplicate responses will be rejected. All responses received by May 31 will be counted.

Food composting would be required under draft regulations by January 1, 2022. According to recent news reports, China’s refusal to accept some recyclables is putting pressure on other ways to reduce wastes going to landfills. Consequently, other diversion efforts such as food waste composting, is likely inevitable. Our choice now seems to be when to start the new program.

Food waste is estimated by the EPA and California to be 18-21% of wastes going to landfills, and state regulations require that food wastes for composting be collected weekly. This offers a benefit with having green waste removed weekly instead of waiting two to three weeks between our current bimonthly green waste pickup, an important benefit as Kensington has been designated a high fire hazard area.

Bay View will provide each resident with one or two 65-gallon wheeled carts for yard trimmings and food waste. Wheeled carts are easy to move to the curb/street and minimize rodents getting to the food waste. Additional bags/containers of green waste will also be collected at no additional charge. Bay View will also provide one 65-gallon wheeled cart for recyclables.

These enhancements will increase rates 7 percent, if implemented in early 2019, in addition to a 3 percent annual inflation adjustment. Most residents subscribe to the 32-gallon rate so the new rate would be $50.22 versus the current rate of $44.56. If KPPCSD delays service changes and food waste composting, the rate increase may be higher if the capacity of the nearest compost facility becomes limited before Kensington opts in.