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Kensington Police Department Compliment Form

The Kensington Police Department is very proud of all the employees who, as a whole, make up our department. If you wish to compliment the performance of a police department employee, you may do so by visiting our secure online compliment website and filling out the compliment form linked below.

You can send a letter in the mail, drop off the form at the public safety building, or call the Chief of Police at 510-526-4141 ext 550.

If you send the information by mail or in person be sure to address it to the Chief of Police and mark Confidential on the envelope.

All complimentary letters will be received by the Chief of police, who will review the letter.

Under no circumstances should you send the form via email as that is not secure.

Kensington Police Department Compliment Form Fill In.pdfKensington Police Department Compliment Form Hand Written.pdf