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Public Records Request 

In accordance with the California Public Records Act ("Act"), Government Code § 7920.000 et. seq, the District of Kensington provides access to public records, except those exempt from discloser by law. Under Govt. Code § 7922.505 (e), local agencies are under no obligation to create records that do not already exist at the time of the request. Pursuant to the Act, the District has ten (10) days from receipt of the request to determine whether the request, in whole or in part, seeks copies of disclosable public records in the District's possession and to notify the requestor of that determination. In unusual circumstances, the 10 day time limit may be extended by up to 14 days by written notice to the requestor, setting forth the records will be made available as promptly as is reasonably practicable. A request for a copy of identifiable public records must be accompanied by payment of fee to cover the direct costs of duplication before copies are released. Fees to cover the direct costs of duplication will be charged in accordance with the District's Schedule of Fees.  

Police Report - Public Records Request Form 2023.pdf