Items you can recycle

Mixed Curbside Recyclables


Mixed curbside recyclables are picked up weekly by Bay View Refuse and Recycling on the same day as your regular trash is picked up. Please see the attached list of acceptable materials. Acceptable glass, plastic and paper should be placed in the same container and set out curbside prior to 6:00am. A complete list of acceptable materials is available at

The mixed recyclables are mechanically separated, and sometimes the separation results in a mixture of recyclables (e.g., pizza boxes with paper, or non-recyclable plastics). The primary markets for paper and plastic are in Asia although some Asian countries are no longer accepting such materials if they are mixed with other recyclables. You may want to bring your recyclable to the El Cerrito Recycling and Resource Center and place different recyclable materials in the separate containers for more efficient recycling.


El Cerrito Recycling and Resource Center

An alternate for recyclables is the El Cerrito Recycling and Resource Center (“Center”) located at 7501 Schmidt Lane in El Cerrito. The Center has specific bins for different recyclable materials which allows for more efficient recycling of these materials. The Center accepts a wide variety of materials, including some materials such as batteries (alkaline, car, NiCd), computers and other electronic wastes that might otherwise be classified as hazardous wastes if disposed. The Center will take pharmaceuticals, sharps, and syringes as well as hard to recycle materials such as bicycles, exercise equipment

The Center also has a Goodwill truck and a trailer for Urban Ore that accepts reusable household materials such as cabinets, fixtures, and hardware. The Center will also collect eyeglasses for the Lions Club and non-perishable unopened food for the Contra Costa Food Bank.

The Center also has an Exchange Zone where you can leave or pick up still-usable items such as art and office supplies, corks, garden pots, hangers, houseware items, media, sporting goods, tools and hardware, and toys and games.


Kelly-Moore at 969 San Pablo Ave in Albany will accept any kind of paint in the original container with its label.  Call (510) 525-3162 to make sure that they have room in their cabinet.  Dried paint in can may be place with household trash.

Other Locations

The attached table lists additional places that will accept materials for reuse, recycling, or disposal.  Fees may apply.

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