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Second Community Meeting on Police Services hosted by Matrix Consulting Group - 10 AM at the Community Center

The KPPCSD is on fact-finding mission to evaluate the Kensington Police Dept. (KPD) and assess alternative approaches to providing community policing and law enforcement services. We have contracted with The Matrix Consulting Group (Matrix), which has conducted police studies of 100+ police and sheriff’s offices in California. This approach follows the October 2016 recommendations of 10 Kensington residents appointed to an ad hoc committee on governance and operations.

Matrix is convening this second community meeting to get residents' input on criteria for possible options to provide the desired services to Kensington in partnership with a neighboring jurisdiction. The meeting will be held at the Kensington Community Center located at 59 Arlington Avenue. It will begin at 10 am, with coffee and pastries available at 9:30 am.

Richard Brady, President of Matrix, will briefly review of scope of work, process and objectives for the project as this will be the first meeting for some residents. Mr. Brady will provide some preliminary findings from the first phase of Matrix's study, including what they have learned of the community's vision for ideal police services, and outline standards and best practices of effective police services for Kensington's community profile and needs. He will take community input regarding criteria for possible alternatives for providing police services and outline next steps as Matrix works to complete its study for the District.

Kensington Police PubMeeting 4-28.pptx